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1958 Triumph TR10 Estate Wagon

Triumph TR10 Estate Wagon


My father purchased this new car in 1958 from a Triumph dealer in Menlo Park, California. It was purchased for about $1,800.00. Remember, in the 60s you could buy a new, full-size Chevrolet Impala for around $2,500.00. By the late 60s, the car needed major repair, and unable/unwilling to find the parts needed for repair, my Dad decided to keep the car and just store it in our garage. Almost 30 years later in 1991, my Dad passed away. The car had remained in his garage all those years; so, my two sons and I moved the car to Southern Cal to our garage! The car sat in my garage for another 4 years.

Based on my research at the time, Triumph had only sold about 3 or 4 thousand of these Estate Wagons in North America and Canada from 1958 to 1960 before the Hillman replaced the TR10. Standard Motor Company owned Triumph at this time; so, with the success of the TR2 sport cars in America, the Standard 10 car was introduced as a Triumph TR10. The TR10 models are a bit odd and rare. I have found that many people dont recognize or confuse this car with a Morse or in some cases, a Mini. Most are shocked when they find out that this car is a Triumph. My plans for the car was to keep the stock look, but change out everything else. When the timing was right (money), I was introduced to a designer and fabricator. My idea was to redo this car as a sleeper, powered by a Ford 302 V8. We were able to get this car not only on the road again, but now I could find parts for it as well. So basically, this car looks very British, but runs and sounds very much like a Mustang...cause it is! It is a blast to drive this car in town or on the freeway. When you think about how many years this car was in storage, and the sentimental value it holds, how could I not use it as a daily driver!

More information coming on the Standard Motor Company, go to Search for Standard Motor Company. This will provide a ton of information and history for you.

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Car information

Vehicle basics

Year 1958   Vehicle style Sedan

Exterior details

Color madihorn Red   Restoration history In progress
Condition of exterior Needs attention      

Interior details

Color Grey   Seat material Covers
Condition of interior Needs attention   Restoration history In progress

Engine details

Engine configuration 8 cylinder   Engine size 302
Engine history Fully restored   Engine condition Running

Transmission details

Transmission type Manual   Drive train Rear-wheel drive

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