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Keeping an SA icon alive Ford Fairmont GT

Keeping an SA icon alive Ford Fairmont GTWe've had an interesting request from an enthusiast about the South African Ford Fairmont GT ... You can read about it below:

"My name is Henry Luiz and I am originally from SA Durban and immigrated to Australia in 1998. I am trying to find or make contact with anyone who worked at Ford PE in the early 70’s. I have started a web site on a particular Ford model built in PE, the Fairmont GT, this was manufactured in the early 70’s. I understand your club may not have interest in Ford motor vehicles, however I am seeking help. I have started a forum on the Fairmont GT and would also like to include any history of Ford in South Africa dating back as far as possible. There is a strong following is Australia for these cars. I would appreciate your help in collecting information or referring me to someone that can. The Falcon GT in Australia has the Kangaroo logo on the sides and a GT enthusiast in Australia, Boxy Rule, has nicknamed it the Rhino.

This a link to his face book page on the GT: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Ford-Fairmont-XW-XY-GT/144374845704834

I have been in contact with Boxy and I would like to support him in enthusiasm for this South Africa muscle car icon - This is the link to the forum: http://www.safairmontgt.com.au

The conversation at http://www.safairmontgt.com.au/viewtopic.php?f=30&t=8 is an attempt to find my dad’s Red GT he had in the 70s. I know there were 2 models build in the 70’s, Fairmont GT XW and XY based on the Australian Falcon XW and XY. These were sent semi knock down from Ford Australia to Ford South Africa and rebuild with differences to the Australian Falcon GT. It is these differences that make such this car a collector’s item for Australian Ford lovers. I also believe there were 2 GT HO racing versions exported to SA. All information would have been either micro Fiche or paper and I understand Ford has moved to Pretoria. I am hoping someone would have kept information on these cars such build numbers, vin numbers, photos, facts, colour codes, number built etc etc. I am planning a trip back to SA in Dec for my dad’s 80th Birthday on Christmas day. I will be asking him for any of his records. Appreciate your help to keep this South Arica icon alive."

Anyone have any information about this ... please keep in touch and comment.

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