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The Perfect Set

The Perfect Set This is a short article about my long and arduous journey to find the original BMW 2002tii rims. I bought the car and it had E30 3 series rims on it. Those rims seem to be the standard or common alternative to most 2002 drivers. Ever since, Ive been searching for the original rims or at least a decent set of Mali BBS rims for the car. The BBS rims are hens teeth and more so the original rims. I managed to find 3 BBS rims and it seemed that they may have been Alfa rims, the PCD was out ! I was able to sell them and finally found the original rims. The gallery shows the day of the rim swop....

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BMW 2002 tii
1972 BMW 2002 tii
This is a 1972 2002 that came from Holland. I am the third owner, the car was brought in by a Dutch missionary worker and I bought the car from his brother.

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