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CARC Prize Giving

CARC Prize GivingOk, so this is my first article I'm writing on here so here goes!
It was the held at a resturant in Kuils River called Skoongesicht, or something like that. We all met at the club house in Parow, to leave at 1130, however, being an Alfa event, everyone only got there at around 1145, we left and got to the venue at just after 1200.
It was a short and brief drive, although it seemed like the back half of the convoy seemed to enjoy the views from the N1 a it TOO much, taking forever to catch up to the pack.
Being the lead car and having to pull over to wait was a tad bit annoying for not only me and my passenger but also my half of the convoy.
Needless to say we all got it there and enjoyed ourselves at the venue, where to quote someone in the club ''Where do I start? There is just to much food!'' and ''I'm not going to eat for the next week after this''.
All in all it was a well supported and well organised day with the last people leaving at 1545, 15 mins before closing...

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Alfa Romeo GTV
1985 Alfa Romeo GTV
Limited Edition Euro import Only a few in SA.

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