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It was my first musclecar I fell in love with

It was my first musclecar I fell in love withI had several muslecars in various stages of repair as a teenager in Rockville,MD.One car that I held on to that I bought as a parts car,was a 1965 2dr Buick Skylark sport coupe.I paid 50.00 for it with a rebuilt 300 cu in two bbl two speed automatic and it had 33,000 original miles on it. I had other cars and I had this one for 15 years.I moved to Nashville,TN and wasn't able to bring it with me.My boss at the time held it for me on his property until I could get it.About 6 months later I get a phone call saying that the bank foreclosed on his property and he had to get rid of my car.I am still pissed because he couldn't call me and let me know so I could come sooner and get it.I would love to find another if I could for a reasonable amount of money that I could customize like I was trying when I got all the parts for it.So I found this site and thought maybe I might just find one here? Thank you all for reading my woes!God Bless You!

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