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Cape Alfa Club GTV meeting

Cape Alfa Club GTV meetingThe GTV evening was really interesting ... a beautiful 3.0 GTV was on display, a raffle for some great Alfa art (I didnt win) was done, toy models of the different years was also displayed.

After a presentation and discussion about the 3.0 GTV, we watched the race where the 3.0 GTV was introduced in South African racing (in the 80s). Alfa Romeo competed with the strong BMW 535i and the 3.0 was leading the race pretty much immediately. This DVD was up for sale with the race and maybe we can get some edited version to display here in the future ... I will investigate.

South African models were first assembled at Automakers Rosslyn plant, located outside Pretoria. These early, 1973 models, were manufactured alongside Datsuns. From 1974 South African Alfettas were manufactured at Alfa Romeos own Brits plant. South Africa was one of two markets to have a turbocharged GTV6, with a Garrett turbocharger and a NACA intake. An estimated 750 were assembled before all production ceased in 1986.

The South African market also introduced the 3.0 L GTV-6, predating the international debut of the factorys 3.0 L engine in 1987. Approximately 200 were built in South Africa for racing homologation. To this day, the GTV-6 remains the quintessential Alfa Romeo for South Africans.

Its always great going to the meetings, members always arrive in all sorts of Alfas (we love em all) and making conversation with everyone, youre definitely going to learn something new every time. Enjoy the pictures.

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