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Pertronix Ignition

Happy New Year to everyone...I trust that everyone had a great time and took to the roads carefully !

I started off the new year by making the time to fit the petronix kit to my 2002. The 2002 has always been known as a tinkerers car...with the owners often spending weekends fixing niggly bits.

My car seems to go through points like most people do underwear. I finally managed to source the pertronix kit locally. Theres a guy out in Simonstown that brings them in, not only that, he also had the proper spark plug leads. The leads i was using was half the problem since they had to be skimmed to fit properly.

The job itself was a fairly quick and easy job. It entailed the removal of the points. A slight modification to the pertronix base plate since my distributer base plate thread has been worn quite a bit. Once I secured the kit in place, I popped the magnetic insert back in, the rotor cap back on and sure enough, it sprang to life after the second swing.

The car definitely fires much much better and the response is phenomenal !! I cant see myself ever going to back to using points again, the pertronix kit is definitely worth the investment !!

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BMW 2002 tii
1972 BMW 2002 tii
This is a 1972 2002 that came from Holland. I am the third owner, the car was brought in by a Dutch missionary worker and I bought the car from his brother.

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