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BRIAN SMITH AROASA RIP 2011Brian William van Breda Smith was our founding Alfa Romeo Owners' Association of SA Chairman from the convention held over Easter in 1985 in Graaff Reinet . He was also the Chairman of the Cape Alfa Romeo Club at the time and was the chairman of the Western Province Motor Club at the time of his demise in December 2011.

He has left behind a few quite desirable Alfas and AROASA is very proud to assist his estate in selling these vehicles to Alfisti. We hereby invite prospective owners of Brian's Alfas to participate in a confidential auction.

The auction works on the basis that all bids are in the public domain but the bidder remains confidential.

The executors of Brian's Estate are an attorney, Piet Pretorius, and myself, Bob Corbett. All bids must be sent to me at bob@alfaclub.co.za or 021 558 2000 (office) or 086 616 0755 (fax). The actual purchase will be completed by the attorney; he has a whole list of conditions and legal jargon to comply with - I am not getting involved in any of that.

The Alfa's available are as follows:

1963 Alfa Romeo Giulia Ti
PHOTOS (http://www.alfaclub.co.za/GiuliaTi.htm)

1972 Alfa Romeo Spider
PHOTOS (http://www.alfaclub.co.za/Spider.htm)

2003 Alfa Romeo 156 GTA
PHOTOS (http://www.alfaclub.co.za/156GTA.htm)

2005 Alfa Romeo 147 2.0
PHOTOS (http://www.alfaclub.co.za/147.htm)

Alfa Romeo Berlina Race Car
PHOTOS (http://www.alfaclub.co.za/Berlina.htm)

Article source: http://www.alfaclub.co.za/BrianSmithAlfas.htm

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