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A little about me

After an active presence in the field of the Automotive business, I decided to create Veloce, Classic and Sports Cars LTD mainly out of passion.

I have always been passionate about cars!!! Since the early days of my life cars were really a fascinating world to me. My passion and desire slowly became knowledge and experience and this was combined with business.
I feel like I have the best job in the world!!!
For people like me and you, a car is more than a useful tool that takes us from A to B. It is a way of living.
A classic car is a time machine, a memory of our youth, an immortal picture from that place with our fathers car that was then new...or from our first car...with our best friends for this first drive to the coast....from that magazine that we used to cut the picture and dream, from this poster that was hanging on our wall...from this brilliant film we watched so many years ago...You remember this car from the Graduate with Dustin Hoffman??? Yes that Alfa Romeo Duetto Spider...Or that Aston Martin DB5 that Sean Connery was driving as James Bond??? That Mustang from "Bullit" with Steve McQueen...the Dodge Charger of the bad guys??? Remember" Herbie...the Love Bug"...yes that VW Beetle that falls in love with the Lancia Monte Carlo at "Herbie in Monte Carlo"...
Do you remember the sound of the Lamborghini Miura at the Italian Job???
My mission is not to sell you a car. My mission is to keep these memories alive!
Lets find this together...lets talk about it, lets keep these memories alive! Let me get you the best!!! Let me help you to restore one...
I will be honored to share this passion with you as I do with many people world-wide.
With my friends that we share the same passion...My best friends!!!
Please join us!!!
Dimitrios Spyropoulos
Managing Director
Veloce, Classic and Sports.
CHOOSING A COLLECTORS’ CAR: Combine your passion with a great investment. You want to know why?

The capital is secure: We will assist you to buy your car through a realistic approach
That guarantees that selling the car in a short period of time after the purchase will guarantee at least your capital.
The annual financial performance could better than any other form of investment.
Have you ever made a financial investment that will bring to you future profit, continuous pleasure and of course the respect and compliments from other people?

Technical inspections and evaluations.

There is a lot to check on a classic vehicle before the purchase. We are here for you to assist you on this on an International level. We will inspect the car for you for rust or any hidden various accident. We will also make sure that the car will be in the correct mechanical condition without faults and modifications. What is always shiny, may not be gold and we are here to protect you from this so you get the best value for your money. Finally, we will inspect that the car is in full legal situation and not subject or deficit, stolen etc.


Restoring a car can be an extremely difficult and tricky issue. For those outside the industry a restoration project may sound as gold but it can be proofed a really difficult project with extremely high costs. Collectors end up with buying a car that is in need of total or partial restoration and start spending significant amounts of money on the car. Dissembling a vehicle in pieces by a non expert may cause difficulties on putting the car back together. The restoration process is a procedure that must be planned accurately. All spare parts must be sourced before the beginning. That makes the costs clear and reduces the possibilities of unpleasant surprises.
We have experienced many horror stories of cars that the restoration have started, huge amounts of money were spent and the project stopped in lack of technical support or spare parts.
The restoration and maintenance of a classic vehicle is what preserves its value. We are here to help you to keep this value safe and your car in the best of its condition. As we said earlier we will evaluate your car and make sure that what you pay is value for money. If the car is in need of complete or partial restoration, we will have to choose the plan with you a restoration process with strict deadlines and the assistance of the best professionals in the field. We will also make sure that the restoration budget will be accurate. Hidden costs and horror stories are something very common in the world of restoration. A restoration process must have a deadline, a strict budget and penalties. The restoration process must be photographed and the records must be kept (including detailed photographic records) in order to assure the best value of your classic car. We are here to assist you on every step.
Dealers: We make special offers on Dealers and Dealers packages. Please contact us daily for our daily offer.
Collections: We are specialized on selling or creating a collection: Selling a collection is much more difficult than it appears. A collection has always more and less desirable items to the other collectors. Most of the buyers will try to get the best items and leave back those that are less desirable. We are here to assist you to sell your collection. We will support this in every sense by evaluating one by one the vehicles, inspect them technically, place the paper work in order and archive every vehicles documents, Cleaning, polishing and valeting services are also included with high standard professional's on car detailing and professionally photograph them with mobile photographic studio facilities and a professional photographer. This way we guarantee the best presentation of your cars and the best value.
If you want to create your new collection we are here to suggest to you according to what your preferences are the best of the classic vehicles that will suit you. This will be a nice long term relationship established with Veloce Classic and Sports Ltd and you as a serious collector.
My Cars
Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint
We are pleased to offer without liability on error: ALFA ROMEO 2600 SPRINT 1964 Chassis: AR 106.02-825408 Engine: AR 00601.02747 2584, with Greek Historic Vehicle registration, in beautiful condition ...
Year: 1964 | Condition: Running
Alfa Romeo 2600 Alfa Romeo 2600
We are pleased to offer a rare and beautiful Alfa Romeo 2600 Berlina Chilometri: 75000kmconditions: dry storage,parked since 1994,engine run.rare model.this car is totally original and rus ...
Year: 1969 | Condition: Running
Alfa Romeo 2600 Touring Spider Alfa Romeo 2600 Touring Spider
We are pleased to offer:Alfa Romeo 2600 Touring Cabrio RHD, red/leather black, mod 63, the car is complete, was restored 25 years ago, is rustfree and in driving condition.. A really beautiful project ...
Year: 1963 | Condition: Running
Alfa Romeo 1750 GTV Alfa Romeo 1750 GTV
We are pleased to offer this rare Alfa 1750 GTV. She has a 2.0 engine on it with a limited slip diff differential. The car is perfect as you can see with zero rust of course. The original engine will ...
Year: 1969 | Condition: Running
Alfa Romeo 1750 GTV RHD Webasto Alfa Romeo 1750 GTV RHD Webasto
We are pleased to offer:Alfa Romeo 1750GTV with rare webasto sunroof.A mathcing numbers car, in good overall condition and matching numbers.Condizioni: prima serie,tetto apribile webasto,guida destra. ...
Year: 1969 | Condition: Running
Alfa Romeo Montreal Alfa Romeo Montreal
Alfa Romeo Montreal. Perfect working car ,including all electrics. 1972, AR10564#1425882, revised engine, new shocks,8000 eur spent, A Dream Machine! The car has Greek Historic vehicle registration Th ...
Year: 1973 | Condition: Running
Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint
It is a real Giulietta Sprint 750 from the latest of which are produced first set 54-59.It came to Greece in 1973. I bought it in 1990 I started to rebuild it with the great master of body, assistance ...
Year: 1959 | Condition: NoEngine
Aston Martin DB6 Superleggera Aston Martin DB6 Superleggera
We are pleased to offer this astonishing Aston Martin DB6 Superleggera which was originally born as RHD car and converted later on in its life into LHD. chassis: DB 6/3250/R, motor 400.3320. The DB6 i ...
Year: 1972 | Condition: Running
BMW 501 V8 BMW 501 V8
We are pleased to offer this amazing BMW 501 sedan. A luxurious car that belonged to a large European collection. The car is Greek registered as a historic vehicle,The 501 was introduced to the public ...
Year: 1958 | Condition: Running
BMW 2800CS 3.0CS engine BMW 2800CS 3.0CS engine
We are pleased to offer this beautiful BMW 2800CS with 3.0CS engine. The car was sitting in a barn for quite a few years but is in good overall condition as the body does not appear to be rusted. Mech ...
Year: 1972 | Condition: Running
Chevrolet Corvette Chevrolet Corvette
We are pleased to offer this beautiful Corvette C1. Part of a European car collection, this is one of the only 3,640 of this model were built. New colors were available like the Pennant Blue of our ex ...
Year: 1954 | Condition: Running
Chrysler DESOTO Fireflite Chrysler DESOTO Fireflite
We are pleased to offer a pure representation of Americas wealth of the 1950s. This beautiful and rare DeSoto Fireflite Coupe. This car is a condition A car with absolutely no rust or any spot on the ...
Year: 1960 | Condition: Running
Citroen SM Citroen SM
We are pleased to offer a beautiful Citroen SM. A condition B car with no rust, original interior and part o a European collection. Now in need for a service and ready to go!!! For the history, the Ci ...
Year: 1972 | Condition: Running
Datsun 240Z Datsun 240Z
Dear all: We are pleased to offer without liability on error: This brilliant Datsun 240Z 1971 Chassis No: HLS3027446 Californian import with Greek Historic Vehicle Plates in Breathtaking condition. Su ...
Year: 1971 | Condition: Running
Ferrari 330 GT2+2 Ferrari 330 GT2+2
We are pleased to offer:330 GT 2+2.,First series.,Borrani wheels.,4 speed+Overdrive.,Engine and clutch recently overhauled (invoice of 32.000 €) by an well known specialist, matching number #5933. ...
Year: 1965 | Condition: Running
Ferrari 308GTB Ferrari 308GTB
Ferrari 308 GTB, mod 1977, steel body, engine serviced, brakes overhauled, in beautiful condition and second owner, European car, Greek Registered.The Pininfarina-styled 308 GTB was introduced at the ...
Year: 1977 | Condition: Running
Ferrari F40 Ferrari F40
We are pleased to offer: 1989 Ferrari F40 Make Ferrari Model F40 Year /1989 Description 1989 Ferrari F40 Non Cat, Non Adjustable Suspension. Rosso Corsa with Red seats. This is an incredible example o ...
Year: 1989 | Condition: Running
Ferrari 330 GT 2+2 Ferrari 330 GT 2+2
Ferrari 330 GT 2+2, red/leather black, chassis No 6479, new delivered to Auto Becker /Germany, registered in Switzerland 30.1.1965 and sold intothe EU in 10.2003. History well known. Top condition.SUP ...
Year: 1965 | Condition: Running
Fiat Ghia 1500 Fiat Ghia 1500
Dear All we are pleased to offer this beautiful and recently restored FIAT Ghia 1500 GT ,was built between 1962 and 1967 in 849 cars.The Ghia has an monocoque body and a 85HP engine. A rare car now in ...
Year: 1962 | Condition: Running
I am sure that many of you are aware of this rally winner Ford Escort MK1 BDA. A fully restored to high standards race car with a racing history. A true legendary car painted in the colors of the lege ...
Year: 1969 | Condition: Running
Lamborghini Islero S Lamborghini Islero S
We are pleased to offer Roger Moores 1969 Lamborghini Islero RHD from the film The Man who Haunted Himself starring Roger MooreThis is a beautifully restored, low-mileage, matching-numbers example of ...
Year: 1992 | Condition: Running
Lamborghini 400 GT Lamborghini 400 GT
First delivery in 1966 in Belgium.Fully professionally restored.. Original matching numbers 4.0 liter DOHC V12 engine . Original 5 speed ZF gearbox. Original 4 brake disc. Original Borrani wheels. Met ...
Year: 1992 | Condition: Running
Lamborghini Miura S Lamborghini Miura S
During the years in this business (not more than 9 as I am in my 30s) I have discovered brilliant, astonishing cars and one of them was the Lamborghini Miura that I am offering to you today. Actually ...
Year: 1969 | Condition: NoEngine
Lancia Delta Integralle Works Abarth Lancia Delta Integralle Works Abarth
Lancia Integrale Evo Deltona Works Racecar, last evolution of Lancia Delta HF Integrale that was produced from the Abarth factory made up to the last specifications for Deltona by Abarth. The interest ...
Year: 1992 | Condition: Running
Lancia Flaminia Zagato 3C Lancia Flaminia Zagato 3C
We are pleased to offer this extra-rare LANCIA Flaminia Sport ZAGATO 3C, 1961 restoration project. The car is in original condition, with the same white colour from thefactory (Bianco Saratoga) and th ...
Year: 1961 | Condition: Running
Lancia Fulvia Rallye S Lancia Fulvia Rallye S
A beautiful restored example of a rare Lancia Fulvia Rallye. Greek registered as a historic vehicle and official Greek plates (registration) so someone to use as an everyday car without the restrictio ...
Year: 1970 | Condition: Running
Lancia 2000 Iniezione Lancia 2000 Iniezione
We are pleased to offer a very rare Lancia 2000 injezione, 1973, 820.416#006366, restored, power steering, power windows, leather needs some attention,new clutch, Holland import to Greece with Greek H ...
Year: 1973 | Condition: Running
Lotus Cortina Lotus Cortina
The happy result of collaboration between Ford and Lotus, the Cortina MK1 two-door sedan was described by one magazine at the time of its release as a ‘tin-top version of a Lotus Seven’, high praise, ...
Year: 1965 | Condition: Running
Lotus Eclat Lotus Eclat
Year: 1978 | Condition: Running
Lotus Europa Lotus Europa
Lotus Europa LHD...The car is in good overall condition with mechanics and electrics working perfect. The only thing is that there are minor small spots on the color. Of course no-one would respray an ...
Year: 1970 | Condition: Running
Maserati 3500GT Maserati 3500GT
We are pleased to offer: In 1957 Maserati launched 3500 GT at the Geneva Motor Show, it was a Touring Superleggera bodied Coupe, the 6-cylinder 3,5 liter engine was derived from the Maserati 350 S rac ...
Year: 1957 | Condition: Running
Mercedes-Benz 300SL Roadster Mercedes-Benz 300SL Roadster
We are pleased to offer: This beautiful European (drum brake not alloy engine) Mercedes Benz 300SL Roadster. A brilliant car in condition A-B. A top collectors item. Please contact us for further info ...
Year: 1957 | Condition: Running
Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Gullwing Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Gullwing
We are pleased to offer without liability on error this 1955 Mercedes Benz 300SL Gullwing in silver with red leather,perfect condition, the car was part of the Salzburg Museum collection and then sol ...
Year: 1955 | Condition: Running
Mercedes-Benz 300d Adenauer Mercedes-Benz 300d Adenauer
The flagship of Mercedes. Governors, Diplomats, Dictators, Kings, Celebrities and Religious Leaders had access to these kind of vehicles.Introduced in August 1957, the 300d was the linear successor to ...
Year: 1965 | Condition: Running
Mercedes-Benz W100 Mercedes-Benz W100
We are pleased to offer this beautiful Mercedes W100. A real luxurious Mercedes Benz, ex embassy RHD car, with no rust on the body but now will need some attention on the oily bits. Original interior, ...
Year: 1969 | Condition: NotRunning
We are pleased to offer this immaculate 1970s icon!!! The NSU TT was a car fitted with straight-4 aircooled OHC engines and were frequently driven as sports cars, but also as economical family cars as ...
Year: 1972 | Condition: Running
Porsche 911S 2,7 Porsche 911S 2,7
We are pleased to offer this gorgeus Porsche 911 Carrera RS 2.7 (1973 spec) but with a 3-litre engine (brand new), normally aspirated with Bosch mechanical fuel injection! And also last years champion ...
Year: 1973 | Condition: Running
Rolls-Royce Corniche coupe Rolls-Royce Corniche coupe
We are pleased to offer: This elegant Rolls Royce Corniche Coupe 1971 in immaculate condition. The car has been part of a large European Collection, It comes with Belgian Historic Vehicle place and is ...
Year: 1992 | Condition: Running
Rolls-Royce Corniche Convertible Rolls-Royce Corniche Convertible
The Corniche was Rolls-Royces coupé and convertible version of the Silver Shadow produced between 1971 and 1996. The Corniche was named Silver Shadow Mulliner Park Ward two door fixed head coup&# ...
Year: 1971 | Condition: Running
VW Karman Ghia Convertible VW Karman Ghia Convertible
This beautiful and restored (light restoration) Karman Ghia Convertible 1971. The car comes with Greek historic vehicle registration, the engine is overhauled. The car is missing bumpers. New roof clo ...
Year: 1971 | Condition: Running
VW Karman Ghia first Series VW Karman Ghia first Series
We are pleased to offer this beautiful 1965 Karman Ghia First series (rare today). The car belongs to the same family since new...attached you can also see two black and white pictures from 1965 when ...
Year: 1965 | Condition: Running
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