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Alfa Romeo Spider Squareback Alfa Romeo Spider Squareback
Year: 1985 | Condition: Running
Alfa Romeo Spider Squareback Alfa Romeo Spider Squareback
Year: 1982 | Condition: Running
Bentley SII Bentley SII
The Bentley SII was introduced in 1955 and produced for ten ears. It is wonderfully proportioned, excellently built and runs almost silently - in short, it is everything that a traditional Bentley cli ...
Year: 1959 | Condition: Running
Chevrolet Suburban Chevrolet Suburban
Equipped with three rows of leather seats, this enormous vehicle can comfortably accommodate up to eight people. The luggage compartment is sizable as well. Two air-conditioning systems keep you suppl ...
Year: 1998 | Condition: Running
Chrysler Jensen Interceptor Chrysler Jensen Interceptor
Jensen used Chrysler V8 for the Interceptor, starting with the 6276 cc (383 c.i.) with optional manual (Mark I, only 22 built) or TorqueFlite automatic transmissions driving the rear wheels through a ...
Year: 1971 | Condition: NotRunning
Citroen DS 20 Citroen DS 20
Never before were so many innovations united in one model as in the Citroen DS which was presented in Paris in 1955. The suspension was the most important part: instead of a conventional one Citroens ...
Year: 1968 | Condition: Running
Jaguar XJ6 Jaguar XJ6
When Jaguar introduced the XJ6 in 1968 they had succeeded in blending high standards of comfort, smooth performance, driving behaviour and road grip all into one - qualities which until then were thou ...
Year: 1979 | Condition: Running
In 1956 the Jaguar MK VIII was presented to the public. Compared to the previous model, the MK VII, only a few small changes were made. A touch of lifting and another pinch of technology were all that ...
Year: 1958 | Condition: Running
Jaguar 420G Jaguar 420G
The low-swung roof on slender columns is a characteristic of the Jaguar 420 G just like the opulent hip measurement of 1.93 metres, which makes it Britain s widest luxury car to date. It always had - ...
Year: 1968 | Condition: Running
Jaguar 420 Jaguar 420
The 420 was aimed at the market segment that Jaguar felt the slow selling 420G had missed by being too large or expensive for the times. The opulent 420 G was the widest passenger car ever built in Br ...
Year: 1969 | Condition: Running
Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Mercedes-Benz 300 SL
The SLs’ standard motorization alone, the mature 6-cylinder engine taken from the W107 series, offers all the ingredients for wonderful excursions at the Cape. Speaking without prejudice, the W107 SL ...
Year: 1986 | Condition: Running
Mercedes-Benz 500 SLC Mercedes-Benz 500 SLC
This is unfortunately a non-runner at the moment and is looking for some tlc. An extended wheelbase and a hardtop turned the SL into a four-seater SLC, which in its time stood a good chance of being v ...
Year: 1981 | Condition: NotRunning
Peugeot 504 Peugeot 504
The Peugeot 504 was rather expensive even in its heyday and only 8188 of them were built in more than 12 years. The 2-litre engine with injection pump, together with the five-speed transmission, effor ...
Year: 1980 | Condition: Running
Rolls-Royce Silvercloud II Rolls-Royce Silvercloud II
The Silver Cloud was Rolls-Royce’s main product from April 1955 until March 1966. It replaced the Silver Dawn and was, in turn, replaced by the Silver Shadow. The design, mainly by J.P. Blatchley, was ...
Year: 1958 | Condition: Running
Rover 100 P4 Rover 100 P4
The Rover 100 was launched in 1960 to replace the earlier 90 model which had sold so well from when it first appeared in 1953. The new 6 cylinder 2625 cc engine of the 100 provided plenty of power and ...
Year: 1960 | Condition: Running
Sunbeam Alpine Sunbeam Alpine
The Series II of 1960 featured an enlarged 1592 cc engine producing 80 bhp and revised rear suspension but there were few other changes. When it was replaced in 1963, 19,956 had been made. The Sunbeam ...
Year: 1961 | Condition: Running
TVR Chimaera TVR Chimaera
The Chimaera has its roots in the TVR Tuscan racing car, introduced in 1988. For this model the well-known tubular frame chassis, an improved suspension and a 280hp, 8-cylinder engine was used. Test d ...
Year: 1993 | Condition: Running
TVR Tasmin TVR Tasmin
The TVR TASMIN is rooted in the late seventies. This is obvious by its looks: the clear lines of the angular design. The colour gold combined with light-coloured Connolly leather was totally en vogue ...
Year: 1983 | Condition: Running
Volvo 544 Sport Volvo 544 Sport
Year: 1962 | Condition: Running

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