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A little about me

I started my Classic Car interest when I built up a Nova car in 1983 when I lived in Durban. from there I have had many cars, predominantly British, but I cannot exclude my love of Citroens having owned a DS19, a Ds21, A CX2400 and the ultimate car, the Citroen SM. I have owned many MGs and two Lotus Super 7s but my present love is the Lotus Esprit Turbo car of the 1980s and also the 2+2 Lotus Excel SE
My Cars
Citroen CX 2400 Pallas Citroen CX 2400 Pallas
Possibly the last of the great Classic Citroens. This one I purchased in the UK in 1985 and when I returned to SA in 1987, I could not leave it behind. What a wonderful machine. 2.4 litre 4 cylinder w ...
Year: 1978 | Condition: NoEngine
Citroen DS21 Citroen DS21
Ex Rhodesian car purchased in Somerset West and in fairly poor condition. Had the small amount of rust removed and resprayed in white as well as having the interior re upholstered. New spheres all rou ...
Year: 1972 | Condition: Running
Citroen SM Citroen SM
The amazing amalgamation of Citroen and Maserati. This car had features that only recently have been included in modern cars such as variable power steering giving full power steering at low speed and ...
Year: 1972 | Condition: Running
Lotus Esprit Turbo Lotus Esprit Turbo
Owned now for over 6 years. Modified from twin DellOrto carbs to EFI using throttle bodies and a Dicktator management.
Year: 1984 | Condition: Running
Lotus Esprit Turbo Lotus Esprit Turbo
In a previous picture. This car has a full Connolly Leather interior and the engine has been modified to Electronic Fuel Injection using a Diktator management and batch injection. Power went up from21 ...
Year: 1984 | Condition: Running
Lotus Super 7 Lotus Super 7
This was number 4 to come off the Birkin of Pinetown production line. I think I am safe in saying that this was the first Kent Engined Birkin that they fitted a Richie Jute cam to as well as the twin ...
Year: 1984 | Condition: Running
Lotus Excel SE Lotus Excel SE
Only a handful of these cars in South Africa. A very undervalued classic, possibly due to the Elite / Eclat heritage.The Excel was a brand new car, not a modified Elite and had the high compression 11 ...
Year: 1989 | Condition: Running
Lotus Esprit Turbo Lotus Esprit Turbo
Totally original car using twin DellOrto carbs. 210 BHP. Top speed in excess of 250 k.p.h. and a 0-100 time of 5 seconds.
Year: 1984 | Condition: Running
Lotus 61 FF Lotus 61 FF
The wedge, single seat Formula Ford, purchased in 1983 and used for Hillclimbs in Durban and taken to the U.K. in 1985 where I campaigned it in Hill climbs and sprint races.Before returning to South A ...
Year: 1969 | Condition: Running
Lotus Super 7 Lotus Super 7
500 kilogram car with a 135 BHP engine. The most fun with your clothes on.
Year: 1987 | Condition: Running
Last year of the chrome bumper models. This car was purchased in Cape Town and had been standing in a garden, with the handbrake left on, for something like 12 years. Fortunately the rust was on the b ...
Year: 1974 | Condition: Running
Car is in original condition and came with the log books of the first two owners in the U.K. Engine was overhauled in Cape Town and had a hotter cam fitted. The only new parts are the hood and side sc ...
Year: 1952 | Condition: Running
Great little classic car and fetching very high prices today. Only made in r.h.d.The car had been fully restored by a previous owner and only required a little tlc to get her back into 1st class condi ...
Year: 1948 | Condition: Running
VW Nova VW Nova
The Nova was designed in the UK by Richard Oakes, a sculptor, and it was a beautiful fibreglass body that sat on a VW beetle floor pan. When it was finished, it looked like a million dollar supercar, ...
Year: 1982 | Condition: Running

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